Adding Customers and Job Addresses

Adding Customers and Job Addresses

You can add customers in several different ways.

Tap on Customers from the home screen on the app, then select New.

On the website, select the Customers tab, and select the 'Add Customer' button.

You can also add a new customer by creating a new certificate, quote, invoice, or job sheet.

All of your customers may have an address, and they will all have at least one Job Address.

All work carried out occurs at a Job Address, on behalf of a customer, who may have several Job Addresses.

Add a new Customer

When you add a new customer, the minimum required info is either the surname, or the company name.

If you wish to be able to email your customer, you must enter an email address for that customer.

Also, if you wish to be able to call them from the app easily, enter a phone number.

Add a Job Address

Add a new customers job address by selecting 'Installation Address is the same as Above' on the apps, if you have entered an address for the customer.

On the website, on the customer details page, select the 'Add Job Address' button, and select the 'Copy Customer Address' button on the lower right corner.

You can manually add as many Job Addresses as necessary for a single customer.

If you would like to import customers and job addresses, please refer to this article here.

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