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Companies - How to Use the Software - Recommended Workflow

If you have office staff you can split the roles.

The benefits are:

  • Super quick for engineers on site
  • Lowers data entry errors
  • Allows the office to manage engineer's calendars
  • Enables the engineers to focus on getting the work done

Step 1 - Office Role

Office staff would create the following:

  • Customer
  • Job Address
  • Job
  • Calendar Appointment

Step 2 - Engineer's Role

When creating certificates, quotes and invoices, the engineer would just need to click on 'Use Existing Job' option, then enter the inspection results and they are done.

(As all of the customer details have been entered by the office staff)

After that the engineer would check their calendar within the app and is off to the next job.

If the office staff have created the Customer, Job Address, Job, and added a Calendar Appointment for this job, the engineer can open their calendar, tap on the event created for them, and tap 'Create New Record'.

Selecting the correct record or certificate will take them straight into the certificate - no need to select a customer, job address, or job number.

Recommended Workflow for Companies with Office Staff (Video)

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