Creating Jobs - Apps

Creating Jobs - Apps

The function of creating jobs is more of an admin oriented task, and as such, it is based on the website at this time. To find out how to create a job on the website, click here!

However, from the apps point of view (and the websites essentially), every record you create needs to be assigned to a customer, a job address, and a job.

If you create a new record and do not assign it to a job, a job is automatically created.

Jobs are an easy way to organize and identify tasks that you need to do.

Creating a record and assigning it to a job is very easy. For example say you need to add a Warning Notice for an appliance that you have come to do a service for, which is an existing job.
From the app, you would create a New Certificate > New Domestic Gas Certificate > New Gas Warning Notice.

You are prompted to create a new job, or attach it to an existing job. Tap existing and select the job you need. The certificate opens and will already have the customer and job address details associated with it.

Creating Jobs - Website

Deleting and Restoring Jobs

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