Creating Jobs - Website

Creating Jobs - Website

On the website, you can create a New Record from the Create New tab. You are taken here by default when you first log in to the Gas Engineer Software website. Here you will see all of the Certificates, Records, Letters etc that you can create within the software.

When you select one, the software will ask if you want to attach the new record to an existing job first, or create a new job.

If you create a new job, it must be applied to a Customer first, then a Job Address.

Jobs are used to group together Certificates, Quotes and Invoices for a single job at one point in time. The job numbers increment by one as you go.

If you select an existing job, on the website, you will be taken to the Jobs tab to select an existing job from there.

On the apps, you will be presented with a list of existing jobs. For more information on how to create a job from the app, click here!

Jobs are a way to keep track of your work, and all jobs viewable from the jobs tab are assumed to be on going, unless you mark the job as completed, or if you Invoice for that job.

If you issue an Invoice for a job, the job is assumed complete, and is removed from the job's list, and the Invoice appears in the Invoices tab.

A job that is marked as completed does not get removed from the jobs tab, unless Invoiced.

Creating Jobs - Apps

Deleting and Restoring Jobs

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