Creating your First Certificate

Creating your First Certificate

When you create a certificate, the software will need to assign this new certificate to a new or existing job, a customer, and a job address.

For example: On the app, select...

New Certificates > New Domestic Gas Certificates > New Homeowner Gas Safety Certificate.
  • Tap New Job. You are prompted to attach this to a new or existing job.
  • Tap Add New Customer. You are now prompted for the customer details. You can select or search for an existing customer, or tap Add New Customer.
  • Tap Next. Enter a last name or a company name. One of these is required at a minimum. Add an address as well as an email address.
  • Installation Address is the same as the above. At the bottom select the checkbox labelled, otherwise, add a new job address
  • Tap Add New Address and the address is filled in automatically (if 'Installation Address is the same as the above' was selected). Add any relevant info you want and select Next.
  • Now you are at the Appliance List section - tap New and add the appliance details. Save the details and tap Next.
  • The Final Checks & Comments section - fill in any and all relevant details and select Next.
  • Now you are ready to have the customer sign your certificate on the Signatures page.
  • Tap in the signature box to bring it to the forefront, enter a signature and tap Done.

You can now save the certificate as a draft or issue it. Tapping issue finalizes the certificate and prompts you to email it.

If you want to issue it, but not email it at this point, simply tap the Home button, or the back button. Your certificate has been issued, just not emailed. To view the final PDF, sync your device, go to the certificate, and open it to view.

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