How can I delete a customer?

How can I delete a customer?

This can be done through the website, by selecting an existing customer and selecting 'Delete'.

On some occasions, it might no longer be necessary to have a customer on your system and you might decide to remove them from the software.

This guide will walk you through this process, specifically on the website which operates as the office-suite of the software.

It's worth keeping in mind that, when customers are deleted, they're simply archived and not deleted entirely from the software. This is to ensure that your data can be easily restored by yourself as needed and to also allow you to view all your previous data associated with that customer.

The first step is to sign into the website, and once done you should see the following page...

From here you'll notice the tabs along the top, the first one is labelled in white to indicate that this is the tab we're currently on. The second tab to the left is the 'Customers' tab, which is where we'll need to be in order to delete any customers from the software.

Once you've clicked onto the 'Customers' tab, the page will reload and you will see a new page layout compared to the one we could see previously. This page will list all of your existing customers and provide a few ways in which you can sort and organise your data.

You'll need to find the customer on the system which you want to delete. This can be done either by looking through the list and sorting it, or alternatively by searching using the search field provided. When you've found the customer you want deleted, simply click on their name and this will open up their details page.

At this stage you should see a page similar to the example below...

This page gives you an overview of the different details of that customer, such as the separate jobs available, job addresses, any outstanding invoices, paid invoices and the complete history of that customer.

On the bottom left of the customers details box (the rectangle in green) is the delete button which you can click to delete that customer from the system and archive them.

After having clicked the 'Delete' button, a small dialogue window will appear asking if you want to archive other data under that customer as well. By default, these will all remain unchecked which means that any jobs, job addresses and appliances will remain available on the software, but otherwise you can check the boxes to archive everything.

After clicking 'Yes', the customer will be deleted and archived on the system, and any additional data will also be archived depending on your selection. If you need to access this data again at any time then it can be found under the 'Archived' section, under the 'Customers' tab.

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