How to Import Existing Customer and Job Addresses?

How to Import Existing Customer and Job Addresses?

If you already have an existing database of customers and job addresses, whether it is from using a different software or from creating a local database, it is possible to import this data to your account on Gas Engineer Software.

We do offer an initial import for free for new customers. However, subsequent imports are subject to a charge which starts at £50 and up, depending on the complexity.

In order to import your customer data, you'll first need to download the import template sheets. These are basic spreadsheets where you will need to add your existing customer data to before we can import it into the software for you.

There are two sheets we provide; a simple sheet that can be used for importing just your customer data, which you can find here, and a more in-depth sheet which can be used to import both your customers and their properties, which can be found here.

You can download an example of this one here.

You will only need to fill out one of these spreadsheets.

Copy your data into the spreadsheet and ensure you put the data into the correct fields. The format of these templates is exactly how the data will be on the software, so it is important to make sure the data is copied into the correct columns and to avoid any duplicate data where possible.

Once you have finished transferring your data into one of the two templates, save the file and send it back to us. We'll do one last check of the data to ensure it is in the correct format before beginning the import process. This can take up to two working days, so please be patient while we import the data to your account on Gas Engineer Software.

After the import process is complete, we will send you an email to notify that you can now access your customer and job address data using the software.

If you have any difficulties or questions regarding this process then you can always contact us through our contact form or alternatively by calling us on 0207 129 7058.

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