How Can I Personalise Emails?

How can I personalise emails?

One of the most used features on the software are the automatic emails and email templates. These are used to send certificates, follow up any outstanding invoices and to send service reminders to your customers.

There's a number of different ways in which you can utilise and personalise your emails from the software, to make the software your own. One of the easiest and perhaps most straightforward ways is when sending an email with a certificate attached.

If you've completed a certificate and choose to email it, you'll immediately be presented with a screen that displays the attachments, who the email is addressed to, any additional addresses the email will be CC'd to, and the body of the email that will be sent.

All of this can be modified and changed before sending the email to the customer. Additionally, if the 'to' address is changed, for example, then the software will ask if you would like to update this for the customer as well.

If you'd like to change the default body of the email then this is another way you can personalise the emails you send using the software besides changing the email immediately before sending it.

You'll need to click on the 'Settings' tab along the top of the website which will take you to a new page showing the various options available under the settings tab.

From here, you'll need to click 'Service Reminders and Email Templates', which will take you to a new page from which you can choose from a number of different options representing each of the emails that go out from the software.

Any one of these will take you to a new page allowing you to change the default text body used for emails, as well as adding any additional addresses you might want to contact and whether you want any reminders going out.

In the above example which is used for Gas Safety Records, you can see a number of different fields available, one to add any additional addresses you want to CC a set of emails to, a subject line and finally the body of the email. To the right of these you can see an index of common terms. By placing the related code into the body of the email template, the corresponding information will be pulled from your database.

As an example, if you were to input ':jobstreet' then the system would replace this with the street of the job address where you completed the work automatically. You can also combine these terms, such as using 'Dear :title :lastname' to produce an opening line of 'Dear Mr Smith'. These terms will help you personalise any automatic emails sent from the software.

Once you have completed the template, click 'Save' in the bottom right and all future corresponding emails will use the template you created. These steps can be repeated for all the other email templates also available on the website.

How to Customise Service Reminders and Email Templates (Video)

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