How to Add or Remove a Payment for an Invoice

How to Add or Remove a Payment for an Invoice

Invoice management is a key part of any business and we understand that on Gas Engineer Software. You want to be able to track paid and unpaid invoices and log the payment method that was used.

To use the 'add payment' function, you will first need to navigate to the invoices page and from the 'outstanding' tab, select an invoice you wish to update. Once the invoice is open, there is a button towards the bottom of the page that will be labelled as 'Add Payment or Discount'.

Once you have clicked 'Add Payment or Discount' a pop-up like the image below should appear.

This interface is used to add a payment or discount; the amount field is automatically filled in with the outstanding unpaid cost from the invoice, so in this example it is the full amount. You can adjust this amount, so you are able to track customers who pay multiple installments.

In the next field, you can select the method the customer used to make the payment. From the drop down, you have one of four options; cash, card, bacs or cheque.

Finally in the last field you can also update the VAT amount if required too, this only applies for the discount.

Once you are happy with the details you have entered, click on the 'record payment' and the payment will be saved. If the payment is for the full outstanding amount then the invoice will be moved into the 'paid' section on the software. If there is still an amount due, the invoice will remain in the outstanding section but you will be able to view the partial payment from the list.

If the payment was made via a cheque, it will be moved to the 'reconciled' tab rather than the 'paid' tab.

Any payment you add to an invoice using Gas Engineer Software can also be removed. If you navigate back to the invoice you wish to update, there will be a button at the bottom of the page that will say 'remove all payments'. A small window will open like in the above image. This will then remove all the payments recorded on the invoice.

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