How do I create a job?

How do I create a job?

One of the major features of Gas Engineer Software is its organisation of your data so that you can quickly and easily go through your customers, their certificates, invoices and more. Jobs are one key component of this, allowing you to attach certificates together in one place and then invoicing that work, keeping it all together, without having to look endlessly for each relevant certificate yourself.

A job acts as a container for certificates, invoices, quotes and photos, and hence are an important part of the software. Taking complete advantage of them will prove to be very valuable as your business continues to grow and you add more data to your account.

This guide will walk you through creating a job on the system, on both the website and the app.


Using the website we've provided two main ways in which you can create a job on the system.

The primary method you might use on the website is from the 'create new' tab, selecting the certificate you want to produce and selecting to create a new job, rather than selecting an existing job already on the system. Once you've filled in the necessary details, a new job will have been created on the software for you and the certificate you're producing will be added under that new job.

The second method offers a lot more flexibility and allows you to modify the job before you produce any certificates for it. This might also be useful if you're not involved in creating the certificates and might instead be setting them up for your colleagues or looking to link them to an calendar event for an engineer that's part of your system.

To produce a certificate using the second method will require you to go into the 'job addresses' tab, where you will need to have a job address created under the customer you're looking to create your new job under. This is because job addresses on the software act as a container for jobs.

Once you've found the job address you wish to create your new job under, click to open it and you will be taken to a new page which should look similar to the one seen in the image below.

Just along the top you should see a button labeled 'add job', which you can click to add your new job to that job address which you currently have open. This will take you to a new page allowing you to add a description, status and more for your new job before saving it on the software.

Once your job has been produced you will be able to create as many certificates under that job as you would like in addition to adding photos and any appointments to that job as well.


Creating a job from the app is currently very streamlined compared to the website but this makes it incredibly easy to quickly produce new jobs. From the main menu of the app, tap 'new certificates' and then proceed to create the certificate of your choice, after which the app will ask if you want to attach the certificate to a new or existing job.

If you select existing then you'll be provided with a list of the existing certificates available on the software but alternatively if you tap 'new job' then you'll create an entirely new job on the software.

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