How do I print from the app?

How do I print from the app?

These instructions assume you have the capability to print from your device already.

Apple Device:

Select the document you wish to print, select 'Share', the tap 'Print'.

For example, from the Home screen, select 'Existing Certifications and Drafts' > 'Existing Invoices'

This is a list - like an index - you may not actually have all these on your device.

Note - if it is Red, it is a Draft. If it is Black it has been issued. Also remember, if you have issued it, and it is still Red, you need to sync your device succesfully. (Go to Home, and tap 'Sync Data Now')

If it is not listed here, tap 'Download All' - this will download a list of the last two weeks worth of
invoices (same if you were looking for existing Certifications). If it still isn't listed because it is even older than that, tap 'Download All' again and you will download the next two weeks worth of invoices in the list, etc.

Once you have found the one you wish, simply tap it and a small window will pop up:

Tap on 'Share' and you will get several options available, one of which will be print

Tap on the Print icon.

Android Device:

The steps for printing on an Android device are essentially the same.

Select the document you wish to print, and select 'Share':

Select the printing device you have installed.

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