How do I set up SMS reminders?

How do I set up SMS reminders?

This will need to be done through the website, under 'Settings' and 'SMS Reminder Settings'

As you continue using the software, you might be looking towards taking full advantage of our reminders on the software or even using our email reminders already, but looking to expand on how you stay in touch with your customers.

One way you can do this is by introducing SMS reminders, notifying your customers by text message so they know when their service is up when they might not have access to a computer or have an email address.

The following guide will walk you through this process on the website so you can keep your customers updated.

The first step here is to log into the website using an office account (this will typically be the main account you use to sign into the software). After you're signed in, you'll next need to go into 'Settings' and then the 'SMS Reminder Settings' option, as seen below.

Once you click on the 'SMS Reminder Settings' link, you'll be taken to a new page on which you can set up your SMS reminders using the software.

One of the first things you might want to do here is update the SMS sent out for the Gas Service Reminders, using the 'edit gas SMS' button, and alternatively you'll also be able to update the SMS sent out for Oil Service reminders.

Clicking either of these options will take you to a new page allowing you to set the number of dates before the due date that the reminder will be sent to the customer, whether the reminder should be sent automatically as well as the general formatting of the SMS itself. This is very similar to the pages used for the email templates sent out using the software.

Once you're done with these, be sure to click the 'save' option on the bottom right to ensure that your changes are saved to the software.

Back on the SMS reminder settings page, to set the reminder service up you'll need to enter your SMS number (this could be your personal mobile number, for example) into the SMS number field and once done, simply click the 'SMS Reminder Setup' button which will notify our support desk to get you up and running.

Shortly after this you will receive a code via SMS which you'll need to email back to us through our support desk and we can finalise the set up for you.

Once this has been completed, you may need to top up your SMS credits to allow any text messages to be sent out from the software. Just below the 'Edit Gas SMS' button, you'll see a label indicating how many SMS credits are available.

Your SMS reminders will now be sent out to customers automatically when using the software and as each SMS goes out, you'll be able to see this underneath the 'SMS History' of your 'SMS Reminder Settings' page.

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