How to Get the Most out Of Your Calendar

How to Get the Most out of Your Calendar

Book, track and manage jobs via the built-in calendar.

Read on to learn how to manage your engineers’ time, jobs and track the status at every step.

Web portal for office staff

The web portal gives your office based staff a digital calendar to organise your company workflow.

Clicking on the calendar will open a "New event" window. Note: Where you click will prefill the event details

From here, you can:

  • Assign the activity type.
  • Select a customer.
  • Select the job address.
  • Select an existing job (this will auto-fill the customer/job address information for you).
    Jobs cannot yet be created from the calendar - watch this space!
  • Add activity notes.
  • Assign an Engineer
  • Set the events time

iOS and Android apps for engineers

The app gives your engineers a clear view of where their next job is, and when.

  • Tap on the "+" symbol in the top right corner to add a new event.
  • Tap into an existing job to see more details and make any changes.

You can select the engineer, the start/end times, add notes as well as setting the customer and job address.

See job status at a glance

From the "Jobs" tab, you can see all active jobs, as well as their current status.

It is possible to create your own Status titles, too! More on this from the link below: How to Edit the Job Status List

Changing the colours of your engineers

Changing the colours of your engineers on the calendar can help you colour code your workflow.

From the Calendar:

  • Tap on an engineer to open the colour picker.
  • Choose your prefered colour.
  • Click outside of the colour picker to close it.

Control access rights

Note: The options for editing user rights is only available for Growth Plan accounts.

The calendar can get quite crowded if there are many engineers using the software on the same account.

To view only the calendar events created by and assigned to an individual engineer:

  • Head to the User Settings
  • Click on the desired user
  • Untick the calendar to stop that engineer seeing events other than their own.

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