How to Edit an Issued Certificate

How to Edit an Issued Certificate

You can only edit an issued certificate or record via the website. The apps do not have the ability to edit PDF documents.

  • Log into the website with your normal login details.
  • You can find the record you need by searching for the job number, the customer, or the job address.
  • Locate the certificate you wish to edit and click on its icon on the right hand side
  • This will open up the Certificate and in the bottom left hand side there is a 'Edit' button.

When you are happy with the changes, make sure you click on the 'Approve and Email' or 'Approve and Print' buttons to reissue the certificate.

If you need to edit the customer details on an existing certificate, you need to edit the customer's details first, then edit the certificate, make no changes, and re-issue the certificate. The software will update the certificate with the new customer details when it is re-issued. For more information on how to do this, click here!

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