How to Edit the Job Status List

How to Edit the Job Status List

You can give a job a status to help you know what part of the process it is in and help improve your workflow. There are job status' that are there as default, but this article will explain how you can add more job status' to the list.

First of all, the below image will show you where the job status field is when you are looking at a job. There is also a field to the left of it where you can change the priority of the job to help you prioritize your jobs.

To add additional job status' you will need to go to Settings > Service Reminders and Email Templates and then you will see a button you can click that says "Job Status" as the below image shows

Once you have clicked in here you will see the list of job status' that are already there. To add more job status' to the list just click the green "Add Job Status" button near the top as show in the below image.

You can then add a name and a description for the job status and then save it and it will add it to your job status list.

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