How to Export Invoice Data

How to Export Invoice Data

Once you log into the website

  • There is a 'Download Invoice Data' button on the Job Address screen.

  • Depending on the browser you are using it may ask you if you wish to Open or Save the file.
  • Click on Save and Save the file to either your desktop or similar.
  • Then open up either Microsoft Excel or a similar program and then open the file from within Excel.


This is an issue with MS Excel not opening the file correctly as a UTF-8 document. Excel has strange capital letter Â's everywhere!

  1. Open the Invoice CVS file, copy the character  and press Control F for 'Find'.

  2. Click on the Replace tab, and paste  in the 'Find What' section and leave the 'Replace With' Field blank.

  3. Next, click on replace all. Click OK, and then Close.

You have deleted all the  characters in the file.

Alternatively, open Excel, click on the Data tab and then on Get External Data > From Text. Find the file, and click Export.

  1. Select Delimited, and ensure the file origin is UTF-8, and click next.

  2. Select Comma, then click Next, and then Finish.

  3. Now ensure it is going to import into the first cell, and click ok.

Note: For Safari users, Safari may strip the file extension off when you download it. Simply rename the file by adding .csv to the end of it again, and your spreadsheet application will recognize it.

How to Export My Data

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