How to use New Line Templates on Invoices and Quotes

How to use New Line Templates on Invoices and Quotes

When creating Invoices and Quotes, you may find that the process is long and tedious if you have to enter details for the same items over and over.

To simplify the process you can create a template for new line items.

While creating an invoice, click the description on a line item to open the window shown below, and on that window click "Use Template"

On this new page you'll see a drop-down menu with various numbers, and fields for each of these selections. See below:

This is where you can create and alter your templates.

  • Fill in the template name so when revisiting this page you can easily see what each template provides. These titles will not appear on the invoice.
  • The template wording is the text that will appear under the "Description" field on the actual line item of the invoice.
  • Template quantity sets the standard quantity for an item. (E.g. if you only provide a certain item in sets of 5, you may want to set this to 5.)
  • Template Unit Price sets the price for this template item.

When you have finished creating your template click Save.

If you wish to use this template or any other, select the relevant template and click "Use Template." Then click Save on the next window.

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