How to Update your GES App

How to Update Your GES App

Here at Gas Engineer Software, we are continuously trying to improve both the apps and the website.

It is very important to keep your app updated. Sometimes we fix the odd bug or add new features.

When we do, having an older version of the app may cause issues.


To update the iOS app, tap on the App Store icon, and at the bottom of the screen you will see an icon labelled 'Updates'.

Tap on this and it will show you all the apps that need updating, as well as those that were recently updated.

Tap on Gas Engineer Software's update button, if necessary.


To update the Android app, tap on the Google Play Store icon and search for Gas Engineer Software.

Select the GES icon to open the app description and it will say update - if an update is needed.

Tap update!

How to Reinstall the App

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