Service and Safety Check Reminders

Service and Safety Check Reminders

By default the software automatically sends out an email to your customers 14 days before the service or gas or oil check is due (A copy of the email will also be sent to you).

For Annual Gas Safety and Gas Servicing the Service Due Date is shown on the Job Address Details screen and for the Oil Appliances it is shown on the Oil Appliance Tab below (Click on the Service Date to Edit).

When you are entering a new Job Address please make sure the Service Dates are also entered to ensure a reminder will be sent.
If you are doing a Service or Safety check you don't need to do this as the Service Dates are automatically entered and updated when you do a Homeowner or Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, a Gas Service Record, a Non Domestic Gas Safety Record, and the LPG Gas Safety Record. The Oil reminder is triggered by the service date of the individual appliance when entered in the appliance details of the CD11 Certificate.

To see what will be sent to your customers (and to update it) click on the 'Settings' tab, then click on the 'Service Reminders and Email Templates' then click on the 'Annual Gas Service Reminders' button (for Oil Appliances click on the Oil Annual Service Reminders button).

Within this screen you can change any of the text and also the date the reminder is sent and if you should get a copy of the email.

Note: any fields that start with an ":" will be replaced when the email is created.
For example :duedate would be replaced by the date that the service or gas certificate was due by

(You can see a list of possible fields on the right hand side).

When you have finished updating the text of the email, make sure you click on the save button or if you are happy with the existing template and settings there is nothing you need to do.

If you want to completely turn off the reminders, simply turn the field 'Schedule Email to be Sent Automatically?' to 'No'.

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