What devices does GES support?

What devices does GES support?

The software supports the following platforms:

  • iPad/iPhone (app and website)
  • Android tablets and phones (app and website)
  • MacOS desktops and laptops (website)
  • Windows desktops and laptops (website)

For tablets, we recommend a device with either a 7" or 10" display, though we find that most users really enjoy the Samsung Galaxy range which are typically cheaper than Apple products, which makes them easy to replace, and in most cases they can be better.

While on the go, you won't need an internet connection to use the software after you've logged in. You will however be required to have an email address to register with us and so that you can email your customers or receive emails from the software.

At the end of the day or when you make it back to the office (or home), simply tap 'Sync Data Now' and this will sync all the certificates you've created to ensure they're sent to your customers and also backed up to the website.

Can I use the software on multiple devices?

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