Why hasn’t my email been sent/arrived?

Why hasn’t my email been sent / arrived?

Generally emails will arrive 99.9% of the time, but occasionally you may encounter a problem.

You can check on the website to see if your emails have been sent.

Under the "Jobs" tab, click on the relevant job. Find the email on the table below. On the far left of the table there will either be the date the email was sent, or "Never". If it reads "Never" try resending the email.

Other causes (and solutions) may be:

Spam folders:

Your email client may be incorrectly labelling your GES emails as spam. Check that the email address bounce@softwareworksforyou.co.uk, is not on your email black list. In addition you can add this email to your white list, to ensure all mail from our servers reaches you.

Custom Domains:

If you are using a custom domain name (e.g. @company.plumbing), you are more likely to be on email blacklists. Check the following website (with your domain entered in place of the example domain.):



Email speed can sometimes be unreliable. Two identical emails, sent at the same time, from the same client, may take wildly different lengths of time to deliver. This is because they may take different routes, through different email servers. Sometimes emails can take 4-6 hours to arrive. Please be patient, and if more time than this passes, there may be a problem.

App syncing:

The problem could arise because you have not synced your app with the website, or your app is syncing incorrectly. Press the "Sync Now" button from the Home page of the app. If you receive an error message get in touch with us and we'll help you work out what may have gone wrong.

With all of the above (besides the app syncing), if your customer's are also having issues, be sure to share this advice with them.

How can I sync the software?

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